Does it ever end?

One dreaded word for you all : Housework!! Heres the question : does it EVER end? No seriously. Not like never have to do anything again. But a day where mount washmore disappears or where the floors dont looks like a hurricane has hit. Tell me there is a day it all gets easier! Please? These two cuties are the reason for the mess but the reason my heart soars. Totally worth it. 

Some days I wish there was a little less washing but then I remember they are learning and playing, those things get messy. So some days there may be half a dozen outfit changes between them. But thats ok. There will come a day when I miss that full laundry hamper. These two little humans are the reason for everything. The reason we do the things we do. They may be the reason i pick something off the floor for the 100th time today or the reason dinner is burnt or the reason I’m a Mombie some days but they are the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s days like today – where is sit in bed with a miserable sick and teething 7 month old and my son is having fun a few behavioural issue – that I sit back and reevaluate and realise that this bad time shall pass, just like it has every other time. And to be grateful for the two beautiful humans we created and are sculpting. The most important job I will ever have is teaching these two babies everything and anything, giving them a head start in life. Today I am grateful for my children, for my chance at motherhood and for the enternal love that this life brings.

This is my family ^ this is my pride and joy. Where would I be without them?

Mumma monday: what will you do for yourself this week?: This week I aim to fill out my daily dockets to help me manage the week easier. And to go meatless for a week! Challenging in this family but after talking about it and feeling guilty forever, i’m giving vegetarianism a shot. Wish me luck

Until next time x


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