Time slips past

Ive been so busy with my partner working and the kids and just general life, i totally neglected this blog. Im here again and here to stay. Lately things have been a blur. After having my partner home for a year out of work it has been a major adjustment getting used to just me and the two kids. Not to mention we were trying to juggle everything with one car.  That was NOT fun. Now thankfully to my amazing in-laws we have two cars and the days are much smoother. As for the two kids, the 7 month old is having sleeping marathons but everytime i leave she screams so the chores have been glorious….hello mount washmore!

Today is the day I’ve got to take Daisy to the hospital for her review on her dilated kidney. Always dread these days. Babies are just too little to have surgery 😦 she back on amoxcillin(sp?) for another infection also. But on the plus side im stopping at a ladies house who is making Daisy a super cool disney romper. Cant wait to post pics when its done 😍 for anyone who doesnt know me personally, i LOVE Disney ❤

Look at how fast the year is going. I saw a Christmas shirt in my favourite boutique yesterday. Do they really start putting christmas stuff out that early? I though we had until about the end of August. Not that im complaining. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, if only it snowed here. .or it was even winter lol.

Im off to the hospital to get her 7 month review. I honestly dont know which is worse -sitting there waiting around 2 hours or hearing her scream her head off for the 40 minute return drive. Hmm

Until next time

Pictured below is her first hair tie and boys talking about gross stuff


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