Pregnancy, baby and children expo!

Hey all,

This is my new blog site and will be picking up from where the last one left off.

Today was a LONG day. Mr Jake decided he wasnt going to pack his bag but say it was and ended up with nothing but lunch in there. Miss Daisy is getting 4, yes 4, more teeth at once (thats 6 teeth at under 6 months old). After all the commotion of the morning school run we headed off to the PBC expo where we had an amazing day (after Daisy screamed her little head off on the way there because she HATES the car). There were so many things on display there it amazes me every time. I got a small haul this time of wanted and needed items. With Daisy being the clingiest baby ever I was there in need of finding a baby carrier as we have both a sling and a pram and she hates both. Mum on a mission. Sadly, the expo only had 3 baby carriers on offer. The tula i wanted so desperately to try Daisy in was not there – anyone who has one feel free to weigh in and tell me your personal experience. The Miamilly carrier was there But if youre a big lady as i am there is a small bit of trouble. They have an extender strap but didnt bring it to the show therefor i was unable to try my daughter in it. I was NOT bying a carrier without trying miss fussy in it. The baby bjorn has some terrible reviews so i went straight past that one and onto the well known ergo baby. Surprisingly they dont make an extender belt and instead have a very large waist band. Pleasantly suprised there. Ten seconds after the lady helped me get Daisy in, she was all smiles. So much so that we made it to the ergo baby facebook page and also had them take a video of her smiling her head off. So far i love it!!! Bed time is usually a struggle with not being able to leave her (she cosleeps and wont sleep without me there) but tonight i got some valuable time with Jake while she slept in the ergo then transfered straight to her lovetodream swaddle. Score! The rest of the expo was a blur. Supo bottle for both the kids to put their smoothies in. Teether for the teething baby. Mater mothers wash and moisturiser because it rocks and awesome enough a massive deal on a tupperware set. I mean who doesnt like tupperware. Lots of little bits in between that i will post pictures of shortly.

Long day but was nice to get out and about. Exhausted and run off my feet its time to catch some sleep

Until tomorrow ✌


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